Gypsum Floors

Do you need an experienced, fast-turn gypsum floor contractor? Insul-Flow installs Gyp-Crete underlayments and sound matting with speed and precision, to deliver a smooth, level base for any floor covering – carpet, vinyl, tile, linoleum, or wood.

Best Economical Subfloor Surface – Gyp-Crete®

With decades of experience as gypsum floor contractors, Insul-Flow chooses premium Gyp-Crete products from Maxxon Corporation for your project.For plywood floors, Insul-Flow uses durable, permanent Gyp-Crete, which is both fire-resistant and non-combustible.

Insul-Flow employee applys gypsum flooring over sound matting underlayment
  • Gyp-crete reduces horizontal and vertical sound transmission.
  • It sets quickly and can be walked on after 90 minutes.
  • It sets flat with no shrinkage or dust making it perfect for any floor covering.
  • Compressive strength up to 2200 psi
  • Its Greenguard Gold certified which means it meets stringent VOC requirements.

For Greater Compressive Strength Insul-Flow Chooses Gyp-Crete 2000®

For floors requiring compressive strength up to 3200 psi and enhanced sound control, Gyp-Crete 2000 is the underlayment of choice.  It offers:

  • Enhanced resistance to surface abrasion.
  • Has a faster drying time. 
  • Works perfectly over wood subfloors in single family homes as well as light commercial and multi-family construction projects.
  • It can also correct sagging or unlevel floors and compensate for floor coverings of different heights.

Dura-Cap® for Uneven, Rough, Spalled Concrete Floors

For tough floor challenges, Insul-Flow relies on Dura-Cap® to provide a smooth, abrasion resistant underlayment.  With the same fire and sound control advantages of original Gyp-Crete, Dura-Cap® provides compressive strength up to 4,000 psi.  

  • Perfect for precast, cast-in-place concrete or steel decking.
  • Repair damage to new concrete due to rain or freezing temperatures.
  • Fill "birdbaths" in concrete floors
  • Cover old floor coverings, including vinyl asbestos tile.
  • Provides fire and sound control over wood frame construction.
  • Eco-friendly building product.

Dura‑Cap can be featheredged over concrete substrates. Over wood frame construction, the minimum thickness is 3⁄4" (19 mm).It can be poured before or after drywall. Over galvanized corrugated steel deck, poured 1" (25 mm) over the top of the flutings; average pour thickness is 1 9⁄16" (40 mm).

Commercial Topping for the Ultimate Strength in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Topping Floor Underlayments make irregular or damaged concrete floors like new.  It is the perfect underlayment for resilient flooring and can be poured over VAT, VCT, terazzo or ceramic tile with no shotbasting required. It provides a smooth finish over concrete, precast, wood frame, steel deck and old, cracked lightweight.  

  • Provides compressive strengths up to 4,500 psi.
  • Can be used over steel decking in steel frame construction.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Can be used to spot-patch depressions or smooth an entire floor.
  • Can be poured from a featheredge* to 3" (76 mm) in new construction or renovation projects.

Gyp-Crete Underlayments Provide Sound Transmission Solutions for Multi-family Housing

To meet sound transmission requirements in multi-family housing projects, Insul-Flow installs several different gypcrete underlayment products and sound matting options:

  • Sound Stop® floor fill, developed by Lite-Crete, saves you both time and money by eliminating the need for R-11 insulation batts between floor joists, and allowing just a single plate in all wall constructions.
  • Sound Stop goes in AFTER installation of roofing, drywall, doors and windows. This means bad weather won’t interrupt your schedule or damage your floor.
  • Acousti-mat® HP products add an extra layer of isolation to increase impact noise control ratings. Used with a Maxxon floor underlayment, they also create a flame barrier.
  • Enkasonic® HPprovides additional impact noise control with an added layer of high performance acoustical fabric.
  • For a variety of residential and commercial projects, Acousticork® makes an effective sound control matting and crack suppression underlayment for use under hard surface floor areas.

Fast, Reliable Installation, Performance-rated Lightweight Concrete Products

Count on Insul-Flow to install your lightweight concrete flooring and sound barrier systems – quickly, safely and reliably:

  • We walk every job in advance, to provide quick, accurate pricing and identify any issues before we pour.
  • Decades of experience mean we can help you value-engineer your project to save money and time wherever possible, and help you choose the best subfloor and sound matting for your purpose.
  • We know the building codes in every area we serve, and use the right fire- and sound-rated products to make sure your project complies.
  • For special circumstances, we’ll work with our manufacturers to customize products and applications.
  • We’re not done until we’ve walked your completed floor with you, to make sure every aspect meets your requirements.

Insul-Flow’s factory-trained crews follow proven processes to install your gypcrete flooring and sound matting. We get in and out quickly, so you can move to the next phase with full confidence your floor meets all requirements.

To learn more about our gypsum floor services, contact Insul-Flow today at 559-456-1105 or by filling out our Get a Quote form.

Insul-Flow Uses the Best Products to Ensure the Best Results

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